Italian-Inspired Pizzas You Do Not Want To Miss

Depending on the region, pizzas can be varied in terms of the recipes and ingredients including size, crust, sauce, toppings, and the way how they are serving them. 

Origin Taste of Pizza

As the inventors of pizza, the key difference of an Italian pizza lies in the sauce, crust, and choice of meats. It is typically made with garlic, pureed fresh tomatoes, olive oil, and oregano. Infusing the crust underneath with this flavour gives the pizza a fresh, herbaceous taste. Meanwhile, you are more likely to find it in a thin and light crust with the unique flavour of each meat piled on top instead of mixing various meats.


Unique Italian Taste in Each Bite 

Italian Aloha Pizza

Experience Hawaii like no other with this delicious Italian-Hawaiian fusion pizza. It features creamy carbonara sauce, meat loaf, and a chunk of pineapples.

Italian Aloha Deluxe Pizza

Combining crab meat, chicken meat loaf, and carbonara sauce on the pizza, while taking our Italian twist of the Aloha Deluxe Pizza to a whole new level!

Italian Way Pizza (Beef/Chicken)

Get your Italian on with a delicious beef-pizza comprising beef pepperoni, chicken rolls, tasty veggies, and oregano. Not only that, you are also given another option of the Italian way with the pizza made using yummy chicken pepperoni, chicken rolls, tasty veggies and oregano.

Italiano Chicken Pizza

Get your day started with our classic Italian pizza topped with tender Italiano herb chicken, creamy Carbonara sauce, mushrooms, and refreshing Italiano mixed herbs.

San Diego Golden Tempura Pizza

Calling all the seafood lovers here! This seafood sensation features golden, crispy tempura prawns, crabmeat, and most importantly our one-of-a-kind Italiano Sauce!

Bolognese Pizza (Chicken)

Served with yummy chicken and veggies, your pizza is topped with the perfect classic meat sauce. Bringing you the best of Italian taste!

US Pizza is committed to bring satisfaction to our customers in every bite on our pizzas. Whether it’s our Italian pizzas or any other twist of flavours on our menu, we are dedicated to bringing you the original hand-tossed pizza with a combination of sauces and toppings. This has also included our unique approach by infusing the Malaysian flavours and ingredients that are Halal-Certified.