Dig Into Your Classic Hand Tossed Pizza!

The classic question that comes is whether to choose the classic hand-tossed or pan pizza. Have you wondered what the difference between the two is? 

Isn’t pizza just pizza? Well, no. There is so much more to pizza! So before deciding what camp you are with, let’s find out the fundamental difference between the two! 

The weekend opens with you having pizza night with a couple of friends. But before you can get to enjoy the night with some well-earned rest and relax, you have to decide what pizza to have. 

Classic Hand Tossed Pizza

The Dough

Starting at the fundamentals – the dough. The dough used for both pizza is the same. The ingredients consist of flour, granulated yeast, salt, warm water and olive oil. 

So, going down into the nitty-gritty, hand-tossed pizza uses softer and thinner dough, whereas pan pizza’s dough is usually a little thicker and stiffer.


The Preparation & Techniques

To get that thin and softer dough, hand-tossed pizza is kneaded then tossed repeated in the air to find the right shape. Yes, it’s like throwing roti canai in the air; classic hand-tossed pizza is tossed in the air too!

A lot of experience is needed to get that perfect shape and texture for hand-tossed pizza!

Pan pizza is made with the dough being spread inside a deep pan to get the shape. 


The Crust

Lastly, there is the crust. The crust would be the most significant difference between classic hand-tossed and pan pizza. 

Pan crust is also called deep-dish as it has a thicker and fluffier crust. Pan crust pizza includes the famous, Chicago Deep-Dish pizza – that looks like a pie. There is also the Detroit-style pizza, while in Italy, Sicilian pizza best represents the deep-dish pizza. 

Hand-tossed pizza is known as thin-crust or wood-fired pizza. For example, Neapolitan pizza is a hand-tossed pizza with thin crust cooked in a wood-fired oven. At the same time, the famous New York style-pizza is part of the hand-tossed camp with its characteristically thin crust.

If you prefer more classics, then the hand-tossed pizza will be your choice when ordering your favourite pizza! 

But, whether it’s Neapolitan, New York-style pizza or Chicago deep-dish; thin, thick, or hand-tossed crust; extra-cheesy, meaty, vegetarian or even toppings that include durian, nangka or sambal, we have what you crave. So, check out our full menu here and indulge in yummy pizza!