Get To Know Authentic American Pizzas From US Pizza Malaysia


showcase of pizzas from US pizza on table

Get To Know Authentic American Pizzas From US Pizza Malaysia
Source: US Pizza

If you’re looking for a delicious and authentic pizza experience, look no further than US Pizza Malaysia. Our pizzas are made with the same traditional ingredients and recipes used in the United States, ensuring a quality pizza that you won’t find anywhere else in Malaysia. In addition to our delicious pizzas, we also offer other unique items with a local twist. 

So whether you’re in the mood for a classic American-style pizza or something a little more adventurous, US Pizza Malaysia has you covered!


What Makes US Pizza Different From Other Pizza Chains in Malaysia?

US Pizza is not just any pizza chain; it is one of the best places to get authentic New York Pizza in Malaysia. With more than 90 outlets in Malaysia, our American-inspired pizzas have given us recognition for having the best pizza in Penang. But what is it that makes our pizzas so different? 

It all started with recipes inspired by the pizzas of America, created with the super special “Duncan Sauce”. After working in a pizza restaurant in Kansas City, Missouri, Mr Donald Duncan developed his own recipes for our famous dough and “Duncan Sauce”, creating certified halal American pizzas that were to die for.

When it comes to enjoying pizzas from US Pizza Malaysia, you have a couple of ways to do so. Our restaurants offer a great atmosphere for dining in, and our delivery service is quick and reliable, becoming a popular choice for pizza delivery in Malaysia. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic American pizza or want to try one with a local twist, we have options for you.


US Pizza Menu Items You Don’t Want To Miss!

Classic American Pizzas For Any Pizza Lover

US Pizza is the perfect place to find truly authentic American pizzas in Malaysia. All of our pizzas are made with premium quality ingredients and excellent preparation, so all pizza lovers can taste the difference that real American pizza makes.


Italiano Chicken Pizza

Italian Americans have been making pizzas in the United States for over a hundred years, and their influence on the dish is undeniable. Our Italiano Chicken Pizza is inspired by Italian Americans and features a delicious chicken topping, mushrooms, and Carbonara Sauce. The herbs in the sauce give it a refreshing Italian American flavour that will brighten your day.


Cheese Boat Pizza

stringy cheese from cheese boat

US Pizza Malaysia’s Famous Cheese Boat Pizza With Rich & High-Quality Cheese To Create This Eye-Catching Foot-Long Cheese Pull Effect
Source: US Pizza

Americans are certainly no strangers to cheese. The love that Malaysians and Americans share for cheese has inspired one of US Pizza’s most famous pizza options, the Cheese Boat pizza. This pizza is made with three types of cheese, Italian herbs, an egg and pizza dough with a crispy crust and soft centre. What makes this pizza so unique is that it is served in a boat-shaped crust.

The Italian herbs give the pizza a delicious flavour, and the egg adds richness and creaminess. The crust is crispy on the outside but fluffy and soft on the inside – perfect for soaking up all the delicious cheese sauce. Whether you’re a fan of American-style pizza or just love cheese, this “Cheeseboat Pizza” is sure to please!


Texas BBQ Chicken Pizza

Nothing screams American pizza quite like a Texas BBQ Chicken Pizza. This tangy and smoky Texas-style sauce is paired with BBQ Chicken, onions and pineapple to create a truly authentic Texas flavour.


Unique Pizzas from US Pizza With A Local Twist

Not only does US Pizza serve up the most authentic American pies, but we also put our own twists to spice up our menu. We specially incorporated a local twist on some of our pizzas just for the people who can’t get enough of their favourite Malaysian flavours. 


Golden Ocean Salted Egg Pizza

The Golden Ocean Salted Egg Pizza That Took The Country By Storm
Source: US Pizza Malaysia

US Pizza has been making the headlines for its unique flavours, such as the Golden Ocean Salted Egg Pizza. The combination of fresh squid, shrimp, fried chilli, curry leaves and savoury salted egg sauce took the country by storm.


Durian Pizza

Putting A Local Twist On Pizza With Durian
Source: US Pizza

The King Of Fruits makes for a popular pizza topping that is uniquely Malaysian. You’ve seen durian cendol and durian cream puffs, and now we’ve created a unique savoury pizza featuring Malaysia’s favourite fruit. This durian pizza comes in two flavours, Musang King and D24, with both making for a deliciously unique sweet and savoury combination. 


Indomie Pizza

Instant noodles are considered comfort food for many Malaysians, so it’s no surprise that combining them with pizza would create the ultimate comforting dish! The combination of cheese, garlic, chicken, onions, eggs, sauce, and Indomie noodles is irresistible to many, and it’s a great dish to eat when you’re feeling down. Indomie pizza is definitely the ultimate comfort food!

There are so many unique options on our pizza menu, with more options like the Tom Yam Chicken Delite Pizza, Sambal Petai Udang Pizza, and the Banana Mania Pizza to entice your tastebuds.

Whether you want one of our traditional or unique pizzas, you can order pizza online to your location in Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley, Penang and more from our website to satisfy all your cravings today.