Localised Pizza Menu For Malaysians

From Germany to Japan, Spain to Africa, there are always certain foods that each country is famous for. A national dish that is always top-of-mind and represents that country. 

When it comes to Malaysia, we tend to have a little difficulty identifying our national dish. When people ask, we tend to name the food that we love the most, as there is a vast range of local delicacies that truly represents Malaysia. From Nasi Lemak to Char Kuey Teow, we all have our own favourite list of must-haves. 

On our list, we have something extraordinary. If you love pizza and you fancy durian, we have just the pizza for you – Durian Pizza.

First introduced in 2017, US Pizza’s Durian Pizza is the first of its kind. Today, it is still one of the top favourites by durian lovers. Available in two flavours – the Musang King and D24 – this unique flavour beckons.

The Musang King brings out a unique bittersweet and savoury taste from the cheese with a creamy texture. While the D24 durian pizza has a milder flavour and is smoother, maintaining its thick and creamy texture combined with a sweet taste.

US Pizza’s durian flavoured pizza also emulates the thorns of the durian! Don’t fret if you can’t finish one regular pizza size. We heard you and have introduced a smaller size that is only RM14.95! 

We have seen durian cendols, durian ice-cream, durian pies, and now we have durian pizza. You must be wondering, is it worth it to give it a go. Well, it is touted as the best durian pizza in Malaysia. So, try it. You’ll be amazed. This is one pizza on the menu that you should not miss. 

If you’re up for a sensory experience, try our unique local flavours on the menu. Choose from the salted egg pizza, spicy sambal ayam kicap pizza or our nangka pizza. 

For the conservatives, we’ve not missed you out! Have your pick at our popular classic flavours such as the Italian Aloha, Chicken Classic, Plain Cheese or Vegi Lover Pizza.

We’re also halal certified. Order today and be surprised: https://uspizza.my/our-menu/